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What is GDPR?
The general data protection regulation is applicable directly in all EU member states. it demands businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens. GDPR also controls the transfer of personal data outside the EU.

This means companies have to develop new strategies for data privacy and security. This brings drastic changes in how companies use to process, protect and store personal data. On top of that organizations now have an obligation to inform any sort of breach notifications to the member countries' representatives. Information of breached accounts has to be shared with the representatives of the member countries immediately. This creates a demand for new and improved methods of data management tools and processes.
How Can CRM Help with GDPR Compliance?

GDPR obligations can be tracked by CRM and can be easily configured to ensure that the GDPR is compliant. In fact, most of the CRM come well equipped with the necessary functionality to ensure that your SuiteCRM GDPR requirements are met.

How Global Hide Manager helps you to achieve GDPR compliance?

Global hide manager gives users the ability to protect client data. It gives users the ability to hide certain information on the SGDPR. User can simply choose which information to hide on the SuiteCRM GDPR. Not only that, it also allows users to utilize the SuiteCRM more effectively and smoothly. SuiteCRM often come loaded with various features which are rarely used and with the help of Global Hide Manager you can simply hide what you do not wish to use. Since users can simply hide any client information such as their name, contact number and address from user interface. This allows users to achieve SuiteCRM GDPR compliance and avoid breach of client data.

The Conclusion

In today's age issues related to personal data and how it is utilized by businesses are of great significance and the worries of data mishandling is quite prevalent. GDPR is going to play a major role in the functioning of any organization around the world in the years to come and it is wise to make preparations in advance. The correct CRM can help you deal with these concerns efficiently and further develop customer relations and eventually increase productivity.

Outrights systems has delivered its services to many companies around the world and assisted them with SuiteCRM Customization integration, maintenance and support. Get in touch with us to avail our services and we also provide free consultation sessions as well.


The plug in can be easily downloaded and used. It will improve your SuiteCRM efficiency and productivity as well. Changes made can be easily undone and restored as you desire. Global Hide Manager does not require any repairs and it allows your employees to function hassle free and also results in increasing productivity in the long run. Global Hide Manager help your SuiteCRM GDPR to achieve SuiteCRM GDPR compliance and meet the international standards of GDPR compliance for SuiteCRM.



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